Q: Is Teen Central a Christian Ministry?

A: Yes. It is the desire that every teen comes to a personal relationship with Christ. However, we believe the best way for this to happen is by first establishing a relationship of trust and friendship through which ministry can take place.

Q: Who supports Teen Central and how is it funded?

A: By people like you who care about and are concerned about this generation of youth. Our annual fundraising banquet and other fundraisers. Businesses, and many local churches also financially support TEEN CENTRAL.

Q: What programs does the center offer?

A: Our primary goal is to develop personal relationships with the youth through which positive life skills, behavior, and faith are expressed. Retreats, special events and Bible studies are an extension of these relationships.

Q: How many youth are a part of the center? How many staff are involved at the center?

A: We are seeing 15-25 youth depending on the night. Currently there are 4 part-time staff. Janelle Heying, Exe. Dir.; Shontel Stoner: Activities Coordinator; Veronica Myer: Adm. Asst.; Brenda Hershey: Cook. Along with 20 active volunteers from churches in the Manheim community.